Sunday School

  President : Rev. MANJUNATH SUNDER
  Headmaster : Mr. Joseph Chacko
  Secretary : Mr.JINU NIM
  Treasurer : Ms.Leena Binu
  K. Samithi Rep. : Mr. Shibu Thampan

1) Mr. Mathew Thomas

2) Mr. Joseph Chacko

3) Mr. Shibu Thampan

6) Mrs. Aleyamma Jacob

7) Mrs. Elizabeth Shibu

8) Mrs. Reena Susan Joseph

9) Mrs. Sheeba Abraham

10) Mrs. Biji Jose

11) Mrs. Divya Ann Thomas

12) Mrs. Shiby K.Varghese

13) Mrs. Roshny Mathew

14) Ms. Sherin Varghese

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Mathew 19:14


The reformers realized the importance of Bible Study, as essential for spiritual renewal and growth. The opening of the Sunday Schools thus became a natural development in the way of Christian nurture.

The formal inauguration of the Sunday School Samajam comprising all the Sunday Schools, which had already been started in the parishes, took place at Maramon Convention in 1905. Mr. V P Mammen, (later Vicar General V P Mammen Kasseesa) was elected as the General Secretary. The growth and development of the Sunday School Samajam as one of the leading Christian Education organizations in India was the result of the extraordinary organizing ability of Rev. V P Mammen and his untiring efforts for 47 years.

In those days of very limited travel facilities he visited churches in different places traveling in bullock carts and riding bicycles. He organized syllabuses for the different grades and published the lessons to be taught in various classes. A publication entitled “Sandarsini” began to be published in 1911 containing articles helpful to the pupils, teachers and parents and lesson notes for Sunday school teachers. Since 1952 textbooks are published for the various classes. From 1977 the Sunday School Samajam follows the curriculum of the Christian Education Council of India.

Sunday Schools are arranged in every Parish and in large Parishes there will be two or more Sunday Schools according to the need. Inspectors are allotted to supervise the work of Sunday Schools in given area, and organizers are appointed in each diocese. The Central Office arranges examination every year and competitions are also held at the Diocesan and Central level.

About Us

St. Thomas Mar Thomas Church Ras Al Khiamah Sunday school is a branch of the Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam and follows the revised curriculum of the Diocese of Ranny - Nilakal. We, the Sunday School teachers here at the Rak Al Khaimah Mar Thoma Church, consider it a joy and privilege to serve and pray for our next generation. In addition to teaching of the scripture, the children are also taught the history, faith and practices of the Mar Thoma Church with the ultimate intention of leading them to live a fruitful and productive Christian life. We believe we can do this by infusing them with faith during this crucial stage of their lives and by helping them to connect biblical principles to their everyday lives.


We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in houses were we gathered for prayer. Back then, we had a small Sunday School with a handful of students. After having moved several times since then, from the Worship Center in Nakheel, RAK, we finally settled at our current location in Al Jazeera, Ras Al Khaimah in our own Church. Over the years we’ve had many wonderful, dedicated Sunday School teachers to whom we are truly grateful. Today we have a total of 90 children and 14 teachers.

Sunday school Announcements

Sunday School classes are held every Friday at 10:30 am after the Church Service. For new admissions and more details, please contact :
Head Mistress : Mrs. Sally Varghese (Mobile 055 5801458)
Secretary : Mr. Shibu Thampan (Mobile 050 3743715)

Our Sunday School plays a vital role in teaching our children and guiding them to grow in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a registered unit in Malankara Mar Thoma Sunday school Samajam, we have now over 100 students and 20 teachers. Children from other Christian denominations are also attending our Sunday School.

The dedication and diligent efforts of our Vicars, Office bearers & Teachers over the years, have contributed immensely to the successful running of our Sunday school, leading to the present status.

Sunday School begins at 1030 hours on every 1st (first), 3rd(third), 4th(fourth) Fridays and 1730 hrs on the 2nd (second) Friday. Classes comprise of singing sessions, worship and birthday felicitations prior to dispersing for the classes.

VBS is conducted every year during the summer vacations with the average attendance being approx.150 students.

The curriculum introduced by the Sunday School Samajam is being followed and examinations are conducted in accordance with the directives and procedures. In accordance with the schedule of the Sunday School Samajam, our academic year is from January to December.